DeZilla's most wonderful webpage ever fucking made!
Hello fellow tourists. My name is DeZilla the Unwise. I have been a citizen of the internet since the days of Windows 95 and DOOM. I like to fuck shit up, play games and fart. I make all kind of shit that nobody cares about, look it up it's cool shit. I went to college but got kicked out for being fucking stupid. They don't like me =(. I'm also still single if any girls are interested in dating, I make good kraft dinners and stuff. I work for electronic company, it's alright pay. I program stuff, look at my minecraft stuff it's pretty good =). Become my friend, we can have really fun time playing games like Team Fortress 2, Valheim and many more. So many adventures to have together =D. I wish I could become billionaire so I could help people =). But I'm always broke =(.